About Financially Blissed Mind and Myself

Welcome to Financially Blissed Mind. Where we will work together and work on our aspirations to be financially successful and mentally blissed at the same time.


About Me

All my life, I’d been to the point of being really successful in various ways. Anything from moving up to management to song writing to you name it. Right about the time I would be almost there something has always happened to me to where I had to stop or lose the momentum. Then, I would have to pick myself up and start all over again. I always felt like there was some negative block stopping me from getting to where I need to be. It was extremely frustrating.

Then, there were the other obstacles I mention about on our other site Blissed Mind . It wasn’t until just recently, that I’ve discovered all my problems my psychological, financial, and my physical problems did have a major negative block. That block was myself. I had myself so programmed no matter how good something was turning out, I knew something bad was going to happen to stop it. Of course, I thought that because that’s what always happened. But, it goes back further than my adulthood. It was my programming.

Why Do I Want To Help You

While I am helping myself, I want to help you as well. Why? Well, I guess the bigger question is why not? There is an unlimited amount of abundance in this dimension, in our world. Why should I be the only one to receive it without giving it back? Not to mention with Karmic law it just doesn’t work that way, at least not for long anyway.

So, why don’t you join us and do this thing together? Let’s make our lives a success and lives around others a success. You see how much blissfulness we can spread together?

What Will We Be Doing Here?

The goal of this site goes hand in hand with the goal of the sister site, Blissed Mind.

I will be showing you ways to make what I will call pocket change money. Some easy ways to save money and make money doing things you already do.

I will show you programs that show great potential or that already has success backing it for ways of making a real income.

With Blissed Mind interacting with this website. I will show you ways of breaking free from your Karmic past and ways of thinking, so that you may open yourself up to the universe, and be successful.

I hope you enjoy being a part of this site, as much as I am enjoying putting it altogether for you.

Blissful Blessings,

Sara Storey



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