Cash Juice Review -updated 6/6/19

Update 6/6/2019

This time, I’m putting my update up on the top, as I find it highly important to show you what CashJuice has to offer.

I would like to say one thing first, I notice people sign up to it which is great. However, if you are serious about networking and your business, just signing up to something isn’t a magic pill. This is a social network platform that gives you FREE exposure to yourself and your business. If you sign up and never come back, it isn’t going to do you a bit of good. Sign up, upload your photo, fill in your profile. Introduce yourself. Then you can make posts on what you are wanting to offer. It is really simple and you get attention to your post. It won’t help you if you just sign up and leave.

Now that I have that off of my chest, we can move on.

I made Diamond member last month. What does that mean? That means I am now spotlighted on  The Diamond Page which gives me even more exposure to myself and what I post. Hard work does pay off! You can see my Diamond Member picture here on a screenshot of the Diamond Page.


Update 5/24/2019 On the bottom of the post:

So traveling along the internet highway, I kept running across something called Cash Juice. I saw it so much, that I decided okay I’m signing up to whatever this is and checked it out. So, I’m going to tell you a bit of what I have found. I just signed up on May 2nd, and I will tell you what I have learned so far about this program.


What is Cash Juice?

CashJuice is a community to promote yourself, meet leads, make money online, and it is fun. You can also use Cash Juice to make money as well. It is also free to use and sign up to. I think (this is my personal thought), it will turn out to be almost a “Facebook” for marketers.

How Do You Earn Direct Money with Cash Juice?

There are 2 ways to earn commission direct from CashJuice.

1 – You will earn a direct 15% whenever one of your referrals pays for CashJuice services.

2 – You will also earn a commission based on your activity and the activity of your referrals and down line. The more active you and your members are, the greater your share of the activity pot. (I have not been in long enough to tell you exactly what that is)

Promoting Yourself and Other Businesses

This is the part I can really talk to you about. When, I first signed up the company they had me introduce myself in a post kind of like a blog post. I had people in the business welcome me and follow me and share my post. It was a very warm welcome.

Anytime, I wish I can make a post about my businesses, I even sent one out for this site. It shows up in the current feed, and people can comment and like it just like on Facebook. They can also share it so more people will see it. Real life people interested in seeing your posts, and helping you promote yourself. That itself is worth signing up, and hey did I mention you can sign up and participate for free.

Here is my post about Financially Blissed Mind.

This is a screenshot of my dashboard. No, I haven’t made any commissions yet, I have only been a member for 4 days, however in those 4 days I have already leagued up to the top 25. Cash Juice recognizes those promoting the link and who is participating with other members.

Why Should You Join?

If you want to get your face, websites, or products shown for free to numerous people, there are over 10,000 members already from what I can tell. The program just launched in November 2018, and it’s already growing like gangbusters. If you want to earn commissions with Cash Juice get in now while it is still relatively young. If you just want to promote yourself or your business then get in now as well. There is no reason why you should not join, if you want free exposure to other entrepreneurs. A lot of leaders in the marketing world are signing up as well, it is a great place to learn from them as well. So click the banner below and sign up for free and juice up your business. I look forward to seeing you there.

May you be blissfully blessed!



Update 5/24/2019

I’m happy to say Cash Juice is just absolutely incredible, and rather you are a Wealthy Affiliate member or any other business owner or affiliate marketer. You should really sign up and give everyone there a shout out on your opportunity. The people are absolutely amazing, and I have gotten some signups from a few of the businesses I promote. If you don’t sign up you are really doing yourself an injustice. Here’s my updated screenshot of my dashboard. As you can see I’m in 10th place in my league. If I can stay in the top 10 till the end of the month. I will be a new diamond member. Diamond Members get a special place on the website as well as other benefits. So come on in, and say hi to me.  After, you get done looking at my updated dashboard. Click on the banner below to sign up!

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Sara Storey


  1. The fact that its free and doesn’t require me to input my credit card details before I can get access is a good turn on for me. Truly, I had heard about this cash juice before but never really gave it a thought to try it out. But, having got a deeper view of what it entailed from this post, then it seemed to me that its a worthy platform that can help rookie affiliates like me get traffics and also network well. Thanks for sharing this post

    • Thank you for your comment. All free traffic sources, especially one like this one that is easy to use, is good business 🙂 May you be blissfully blessed

  2. So basically this is like ‘paid’ social media for ‘marketers’, right? I was referred to join here by a friend because he said this can generate money. I didn’t really understand until after I read your article here. Are there many people in their community? Is it possible to generate many dollars here to provide for your daily life, or should it be treated as just additional income? Thanks for your information

    • It is free social media for marketers. However, there are more benefits to upgrading, but you can join and participate for free. Rather you are free or upgraded you still make commissions on your referrals that do upgrade. I always treat all affiliate incomes as additional income. My advice is to never put your eggs in one basket. That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is my core business, everything else is eggs in the basket.

  3. Hi Sara, I have never heard of this model before. What kind of people are using this? Is it like facebook or more like an entrepreneur platform where you can promote other businesses? Your article made me curious, so I decided to check it out for myself. So you now have one referral. Good luck to us. Cheers… let’s have a juice. 

    • Thank you for signing up 🙂 Yes, it is more the online marketing community platform but done where you can post and get comments live from members. Cheers to much success juicing 🙂

  4. This seems like a great program if you want to get started affiliate marketing but does it cost any money to get started? and does it have anything to do with juices or selling juices? It looks like you have already got a lot of hits on your link already so it seems that if you put some effort into it then you can get a good income from it.

    • It is about juicing up your business not a literal juice, and it is absolute free to join. There’s benefits to upgrading, but you do not have to, and you even get paid commission if your down line upgrades, but you don’t. It is a social platform to show your businesses and interact with other marketers.

  5. Hey Sara,

    This is an unique and informative article I must say. I appreciate your deep research on Cash Juice. I have come to know many things about it through your article. It’s great to know that through this community I can promote myself, meet leads and also make money. In my opinion it’s a great way to portray someone’s work and also earn money. And as it’s free I will surely try this. 

    Thank you for writing this helpful.

    • Looking forward to seeing you there, it is a great place to market your own website or anything else online you are into. Be blessed 🙂

  6. Hi Sara, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I like that it is a free service and it can really be a great way to earn some extra cash online. I actually have an MMO niche website and I can get referrals through my website which is great. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great way of earning money.

    • Thank you Daniel,

      I hope to see you on Cash Juice! There is really no reason someone shouldn’t join this site if you want free advertising to anything you are into online. Free is always good. Be blessed.

  7. Hi Sara! Thanks for writing this post, I had never heard of cash juice until, I read your post.  Is it similar to Webtalk?  I am intrigued by the fact that you describe it as a platform where you can collaborate and get exposure for your content… I like the idea of free traffic.  I am going to check it out to see how it works.  Thanks for a great post.

    • Hi Kimberleigh,

      I honestly don’t know anything about Webtalk, so unfortunately I can’t answer that question. It works by Following members on the site and they follow you, and you make posts about your opportunities. You can also get more recognition when you get rewarded for being an active member. It is great exposure for someone to get to know your name as well and become a recognized person in the online world. Looking forward to seeing you there. Be blessed 🙂

  8. Hi Sara. I have also heard about Cash Juice, but I was a bit skeptical. I appreciate you have written a review on this site. Yes, they are a new site and back in January I had been told I could increase my traffic on my site by promoting it on Cash Juice. Back then I didn’t believe it. But your honest review has made me consider giving it a try. It’s free, I have nothing to lose. Thank you for this review.

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are absolutely right nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just getting a face out in the marketing world is very valuable. I look forward to seeing you there. They are over 11,000 members now and growing. Which just means more people to hook up with and share your site and products. May you be blissfully abundant in everything you do..

  9. Hello Sara. Nice review. At least this doesn’t look like a scam like many articles i read on some money making online products(fake).

    As Rodarrick said, the fact that is free makes it give it a shot. But currently i’m using Wealthy Affiliate which is a pretty cool platform.

    I’m still new in the affiliate marketing business, so i think i might as well learn a good platform well and then use something else.

    Please keep up posted when you found about point 2(based on activity and referrals activity). Cheers

    • I’m using Wealthy Affiliate as well, as you can tell by my Wealthy Affiliate diary blog at the top of the page 🙂 In fact, I am promoting this website and Wealthy Affiliate on Cash Juice 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate expects that one goes out and meet other potential affiliates, and Cash Juice is a great place to find them. thanks for your comment.

  10. Thank you for the update on your progress on Cash Juice. I have just clicked the link and signed up and we will see how it goes. Cannot wait what can Cash Juice. This will be a perfect opportunity for my site exposure and hopefully I will bring potential customers to my site. Thanks again! Cheers!

    • Thank you Nuttanee,

      Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂 May you be blissfully blessed and abundant. 

  11. This is a very informative site. You do a great job explaining what this program does. The only criticism I have is that you had a take action box pop up as soon as I went to the site. Other than that, this site is awesome and I will be following you.

    • Yes, I know the pop up boxes can be annoying when you first log on, if you just land in on one of the posts. However, it is set up to just do it once a day so when you visit other posts it won’t do it again to you :). I advertising on some sites that have quick bounce rates, wanted to offer those viewers a way to keep in touch. Will scale back on the timing once SEO kicks in on fast speed which should be soon. Thank you and I hope you join Cash Juice, looking forward to seeing you there.

  12. Hello Sara,

    Thanks for the review about cash juice. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. The review shows me what to focus on and how to analyze my back office when I set it up. Bo did a great job by explaining the different numbers and what it represents. 

    This is fascinating and interesting to me. I have been looking for ways to improve and promote my blog post. but I would definitely give cash juice a trial to drive traffic to my website.

    • It is absolutely Free to Join and use, I highly recommend you do. Thank you for your lovely comment. Be Blissfully Blessed.

  13. I do like the Update at the top, well done. This keeps things fresh, no pun intended. Congratulations on making Diamond member. This is a great achievement and I hope it brings you great fortune. Cash Juice sounds like a great service and community and appears to be low-risk. I’d be interested to find out what the activity pot is as well. I think I’ll heed your advice and jump on the wagon early on by following your links here, thank you!

    • It is very low risk as it is Free 🙂 Nothing to lose everything to gain. Thank you for your wonderful comment and your opinion on the capture page. Glad you liked it!

  14. This seems like a really interesting opportunity. The fact that it is free is another catch I know would draw a lot of people in. I am a bit worried though as I wonder if every niche can work in this platform.

    I have come across platforms like this before but I noticed that they are more suitable for some niches and not for others. For example the ones I have come across tend to be more suitable for the make money niche and weight loss niche.

    What do you think about this? Do you feel every niche can succeed in this platform?

    • It is true, there is a lot of money making niche’s on Cash Juice, but there’s a lot of other niches in this community as well such as Avon and other Affiliate Programs people have to offer. I promote Wealthy Affiliate and my blog sites often with warm receiving. 

      I feel if you are in any niche, you need one thing and that is exposure. The more your face gets known and trusted, the more people trust in what you have to offer. I also feel sometimes it is good to go where your niche isn’t that popular as there is fewer competitors. Yes, you do want to have a target audience. However, bringing in fresh people as your audience is very good as well. 

      Thank you for your comment, very much appreciated


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