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Attention: If, you are seeing this post on a Traffic Exchange or Solo Ad, this is not your average ad that you usually run across. You will want to read this!

This is a message from Sara Storey owner and admin of Financially Blissed Mind and Blissed Mind websites.


Have you been looking for the ultimate way to make money online? Looking for ways to pay off your debt, survive, make income to quit a job, or maybe some other big goal. For me right now, its survival then after that I have the passion to give back. So, I asked the universe to help me come up with a plan. I wanted a plan that would take care of my family and help others at the same time. The next day I received my answer.

Originally this post was going to be about how to use Wealthy Affiliate and Downline Builders together to build your business, the very day I got that idea I remembered I’ve been seeing a new Downline Builder popping up in the traffic exchanges. Again, I asked for guidance and I went to one of my favorite traffic exchanges (http://trafficadbar.com/sarastorey12), I told myself the first person that has this particular downline builder advertised that pops up while I’m surfing for credits will be the one I signed up to. I was happy to find out who my sponsor was as I met her on Cash Juice, and she is just a lovely woman not to mention I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot from her. I could not be any happier.,

I’m telling you this because what I came up with is my own Ultimate Money Making Plan that puts together both SEO traffic and Internet Marketing on the Web. The two best systems in place to making money online. Most people focus one or the other, either SEO traffic – driving people to their website by using Google indexing, or by going to Traffic Exchanges and Solo ads to build their business. Those are the two most common ways people use to increase their net worth in online marketing.

Introducing The Ultimate Money Making Plan

This Blog Post could change your life. I will go into detail on my plan to be highly successful with both instant money and residual income that could set you up for life. I will warn you, it can take hours of work, it may take you away from things you love (to begin with), it may even take a few brain cells rubbing together. This is only for those serious, and I mean serious who want a real change. If, you are at rock bottom, stressed about money, don’t know what to do next. Then you should read this post in its entirety! But, first I want you to view this YouTube for encouragement. The will of someone who was at rock bottom who said she had enough, who was told by people all her life she could not succeed, a woman who took her life by the horns and made a millionaire out of herself for her and her family. Then, please continue reading.



Why should you sign up to the programs that I will be showing you? Because, both of these programs were designed by internet marketers who started from the ground and worked their way up. Both of the two main programs are created by people who want to train you and help you be all that you can be. Both of the two main programs, are people who have succeeded and have trained others to succeed as well. Their hearts are pure and they want you to join them as wealthy entrepreneurs.

Is it working for me yet? Well, this is the start of the plan. This post signifies my first day of the huge journey I hope you will embark with me. I will show you how.

What I can not do:

I can not do the work for you

I can not guarantee you will make anything

I can not say it will be easy – because it won’t be.

What I can and will do

I will show you everything I know.

I will show you what I am doing.

I will continually post updates on this post.

I will add more links training you.

I will be honest and forthcoming.


Disclaimer to Wealthy Affiliate Members Reading This Post

Before, anyone gets upset. I am in no way going to tell you to do anything that goes against the training methods of Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I am going to be using that training in this ULTIMATE MONEY MAKING PLAN.

Number Two, remember you are doing this to be your own boss. Do the methods that work, however put your own spin on it.

Disclaimer to Virtual Downline Builder Members

I am in no way going to tell you to do anything that goes against the training methods of VDM or Alonzo. He has perfected this wonderful method and no changes need to be made.

Are You Ready For It?

Here, I am combining the two biggest and best programs on the Internet, and we are putting it together. I will try to explain everything as well as I can, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

We are combining the power of SEO traffic by the training of Wealthy Affiliate and the force of Internet Marketing on the Internet.

Without Further Ado, I will post the steps to take after explaining what this is and how it works. The steps might look simple and easy. I will tell you right now it isn’t HARD, but it is HARD WORK. Hard work I think will pay off.

What it is:

You will be taking a program that was created for long term residual income (Wealthy Affiliate) with a program that has both long term residual money and instant money in your pocket (Virtual Downline Builder) and working them as one business!

But, it is not just one business it is many businesses and many avenues on making a profit and healthy income. Some instant with your first sign ups and some residual. IF, at any time, something has run its course, you still have your website(s) which should be getting good traffic by then.

I want to emphasize to do both website’s training.  Everything, I’m saying to do holds hands, as you will see below. When businesses holds hands you can focus your advertising dollars, or hours ,or both into one. You can also establish, in time, for it to bring in viral and residual income. That is the goal, and what I wish for you and myself as well. As you build and make an income, then you can start using money for advertising instead of doing it the hard way. Then when that produces enough, that is when you can scale back and enjoy the life you made for yourself.

Step One:

Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, if you are not already a member. Click on the banner here (yes that’s a banner..lol):

If, you want to know why Wealthy Affiliate, take a look around this website. I built this website myself using the training Wealthy Affiliate provided me, used the Jaaxy program on there for my keywords, and the Site Rubix hosting this also available for free as an upgraded member on Wealthy Affiliate. I purchased the domain there, and I have been following three training courses they provide. All over this website is my progress, I have made with Wealthy Affiliate (started working on all of it March 1st 2019) so I will not go into anymore details in this post, why I love Wealthy Affiliate. It is all over this site.

Step Two:

Sign up to Virtual Downline Builder. Since, I have not talked about Virtual Downline Builder on this site, I will break this down to you as the why’s, and demonstrate what it has to offer.

The main reason, the creator Alonzo Brown is a very successful marketer who had taken himself out of poverty, and now wants to help you have a success story of your own. As do I, his passion is where my passion is as well, and I highly admire this man. Here is the most recent video he has put together for people in the Virtual Downline Builder. Please watch, you will see the light that is in this man’s heart. Please watch the video entirely as he touches on all the programs in the system.

Click the banner below to take the free tour for Virtual Downline builder. By signing up under me, I will help you with whatever you need help with, if I can’t help you I will get you help as my sponsor and Alonzo is available to answer questions as well.

In a future post, I will explain to you how downline builders work, but Alonzo does a good job of that in his training programs on the site.

Step Three

Do the training on the Virtual Downline Builder, as it won’t take you long to do.

Start your training in Wealthy Affiliate. You will want to start on the Affiliate Bootcamp. Work at this every day as much as you can and as fast as you can. Follow the training all the way. They know what they are doing. I say as fast as you can because as Alonzo says in that video this is growing fast like wildfire, you want to get in on this as fast as you can.

Step Four

Once you get to the training to post a review on your blog about Wealthy Affiliate. Make sure you do just that. Create that review, as I said do everything the training tells you to do. After, you post your review on Wealthy Affiliate. Create a post just like this one. You can copy as much as you like of this post, just make it your own and use your own words. Google does not like you replicating and that would hurt your chances at getting indexed. My editor already warned me I had duplication, when I actually hand typed all of this and its my own words. So, you will need to change it up a bit.

Step Five

Put your link to your blog post in Google’s Search Console. I will go more into that as well at a later date. If, you get there before I post. There’s lots of training in Wealthy Affiliate on how to do that. Just put those in the search bar next to the magnifying glass in Wealthy Affiliate to find the training programs for that.

Step Six

Sign up to Traffic Exchanges. I have made a page of some of them and will be adding more later. There are also some good ones mentioned below. You will then start putting your blog post at these sites and getting free immediate traffic to your blog post and your website. Which will be promoting everything at the same time.

Also, when people go to your Virtual Downline Builder website, they will see your ad for Wealthy Affiliate (if you put it in as one of your 5 other businesses you can promote on VDB). As you can see below, this is my corporate website for VDB.


As you can see, my picture is on here, along with 5 websites I recommend. This will show anytime someone logs onto your referral link they provide. This brands yourself, your businesses, and the other businesses within VBD.


Step Seven

People all the time get writer’s block and don’t know what to blog about. Here you have all sorts to blog about and get potential sign ups as well. In each blog you can have a link going back to the main blog post on how to do the Ultimate Money Making Plan.

Blog about every program in this system that holds hands. This will be your one stop promotes everything. It will promote your Wealthy Affiliate Program, your Virtual Downline Builder, every program of the VDB, and all the programs inside those downline builder programs as well. You will not run out of things to blog about.

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you also are an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy, and Site Rubix.


When you sign up to Virtual Downline Builder, you will sign up to the following sites:

1) Oru (The new payment processor marketers and businesses are going to)

2) InstaCash Formula

3) Instant Cash Promo Codes

4)Build A Biz Online

5) Lead Lightening

6) Power Lead System

7) So Many Hits

8) National Wealth Center

9) All in One Profits – You will be joining under the team I am in. There are benefits for joining this team. The leader of this team also runs a site for free advertising and will give you perks if you join under our team. If the link does not work, please let me know.

10) Cash Juice

11) CTFO

12) Best Easy Work

13) Free Tru United Mall

When you promote the link the Virtual Downline Member, you are advertising all of those companies all at the same time. You also can chose 5 other companies to advertise. Of course, one of mine is Wealthy Affiliate.

When you sign up to InstaCash Formula in VDB, you will also be promoting the following sites:

1) Internet Marketing Paradise

2) Leads Leap

3) So Many Hits

4) Cash Juice

5) Hit2Hit

6) Traffik Trader

7) Easy Hits 4 U

8) Traffic Ad Bar

9) Click Voyager

10) Traffic Swarm

11) Herculist

12) Profits Lion

13) List MailerPlus

14) Email Marketing Masters

15) Ads Messenger

16) List Joe

17) #1 Profit Ring

Most of the above programs in Instant Cash Formula are free to join and will help you get traffic to your site! Most of those also have their own downline builders in them!

At this time I’m not going any further with the downline builders on each site, but you see the program now? You create a blog post like this one, advertise it everywhere, and you are advertising and promoting several if not hundreds of other businesses all of which you can make an income with, but you have to be signed up to them. They can’t pay you if you are not a member, and if your affiliate links aren’t in each of their boxes. Your sponsor will get whatever you are not signed up to and on up the chain.

Each program, will tell you their compensation plan, what processors they use, and how much you can make with each one. Many of these you could make a darn good income just using one of them, but why stop there? The more you focus on having it all hold hands the more income you are going to be receiving from each one of these sources. You can and will have the ability to help each others by showing them how they can make money. Person to person holding hands.

I hope you can see why I am so excited about this. So, don’t take my word for it. Like I disclosed earlier I can’t guarantee your success. I am simply putting this out there so you can see the potential and power of this system. It is up to you to make it successful and decide what to do with it. It is up to you to decide if this is worth doing.

Want to take it one step further?

If you look at the very top of this page, you will see a link to FBM’s CB Store. That store lists most of the products click bank as to offer. You will notice, I also have drop down menus and there are three other niche sites you can go to. The only things I had to do was sign up to Click Bank Pro (pay a one time fee), change a few things in my settings back office to present it the way I wanted it to look (you can chose to use defaults), and added the links to my menu. Now I have my own storefront with over 10,000 items for sale and commissions paid through Click Bank. I had everything set up in 3 hours and that included chatting on Facebook while I was doing it 🙂 Anyone, can have their own store for their website.

If you click on my store at the top and it goes into the ClickBank Store, you will find a link on getting your own store. I’m not going into it that much right now, but it is a good addition to any blog site. As you get traffic to your blog site, like this one, your own store is at the top of the page each time. One sale could pay you back what you invested in having your own store. So, check it out. I’ll write a post about it as well at some other time.


I know this is a lot to take in.  Bookmark this page, put it a text file on your desktop, print it out, or do whatever so you have it all in front of you. Please check back as I will be updating it, adding more links, letting you know my progress etc etc. It is a lot of hours and work to get all setup. I think it will be well worth the effort. If, you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. I am willing to help anyone who signs up under me. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

Advise For Those Who May Not Have Enough Money for All the Programs involved:

Even though most of these programs are very affordable, I know you may not have it in your budget to begin with. You can start at Wealthy Affiliate for free, and go ahead and start your training for FREE! Virtual Downline Builder is FREE. Since you will need ORU to get paid from most of the companies. I would sign up to Virtual Downline Builder, sign up for ORU you will need to pay a setup fee of about $30.00 to be an upgraded member and $5.95 a month. You will get participation pay just for being involved with ORU even on days I have done nothing, I have made 3 cents a day, but it is a necessity to get paid anything with the biggest companies in this program. Once you have more money then you should sign up to the other stuff as well. Some programs are free, others are only a one time cost, yet others are monthly. Look over all of them carefully, sign up to what you can. Promote VDB and when you earn money upgrade something else, until you have them covered. There’s two or three I left out myself, because I just can’t afford anymore in my budget right now to do more, but as soon as I start getting sign ups after advertising this post. I will sign up to them all as I can.

Good luck and may you be blissfully blessed!




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Sara Storey


  1. I can totally understand why you decided to take the bull by the horns and start the journey in affiliate marketing. Who wouldn’t want financial freedom, right? I have not heard of Virtual Downline Builders before, but in the name, it makes me think MLM, and I have been burned by those types of companies before. Have you been successful in the short time you have been doing online marketing?

    • Downline Builders are not necessarily related to MLM. Some of the businesses in them could be MLM businesses like CTFO (the cannabis oil business is in Virtual Downline Builder), many of the other businesses in them are 100 percent commission or other types of Affiliate Marketing. Downline Builders are simply programs that list various other affiliate programs in one nice neat and tidy bow so you can advertise multiple business by just using one referral link. As I show in the demonstration, I am also advertising Wealthy Affiliate with Virtual Downline Builder. I currently have 3 Referrals for Wealthy Affiliate, 7 for Cash Juice (which I just signed up this month for), 6 in Leads Leap which is an excellent site to advertise sites in, 9 Downline Members in Downline Farm (which I just signed up a month ago) among many others. 

      I also got burned with MLM before when the company changed their compensation plan on me, that’s why I don’t put all my eggs in one basket and I treat this business like Mutual Funds or the stock market. I try not to spread myself too thin, however I believe in diversification. Which is what makes Downline Builder work awesome. You can advertise one link to cover several programs. 

      Wealthy Affiliate provides the best training and tools to create your own website, which allows you to get your rankings on Google, and makes it an awesome place to advertise everything within it, and train your downline members at the same time.

      So for the short time, I started this website and my other website and started promoting Affiliate programs, I would say yes I am having great success!

      Thank you for your comment. I will be posting about what Downline Builders more specifically in post to come.


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