Level Rewards Review – Is Level Rewards A Scam?

I was out working on getting some extra traffic for Financially Blissed Mind two nights ago doing surfing on Leads Leap, when I ran into this free to join program. I am always on the look out for free to join programs, as I know a lot of people like myself getting started, usually don’t have much money to get started. In the beginning, any extra money you can make is a good thing.

With any legit program that is free to join, and you don’t have to invest much in, you are not going to get-rich-quick, but hey I like extra money and if it is relatively easy then why not. So, without making you wait any further here is my review so far for Level Rewards.

Is Level Rewards Legit?

After I signed up to the free program, I watched a video from the ad I saw while I was on Leads Leap. I can not find that landing page available to used to promote Level Rewards with so I’m assuming the guy made it for himself, and isn’t sharing. That’s okay though, it got me in the door.

It was really late at night, and I wasn’t thinking straight so I signed up to one of the offers on there, but the offer said will take a day or two to go through. So I left it for the night. The next day, I signed up for another offer on there and was waiting all day, so I looked it up on Google, to see if anyone else posted if it was a legit program or not.

To my surprise, so far it looks like the real deal. I didn’t see any saying it was a scam. So, I thought okay we will give it a shot. This morning I woke up, and low and behold I have leveled up to level one.

So, to answer the question is it a scam? No, it is not a scam (at least not that I can see at this point). Is it Legit? Yes, it is.

How Does Level Rewards Work?

I realize, I just told you that Level Rewards is not a scam, and you are probably wondering well what the heck is it, then?

Level Rewards is a free to join program you have two simple jobs. One sign up for free offers, free trials, or paid offers of companies that are trying to get people to try their products. Two, get people to sign up. One of the companies on there is Walmart’s bookstore, their version of Unlimited Kindle. So, these are legitimate businesses. Each offer has a credit assigned to it, once you get a credit you level up.

How do the Levels in Level Rewards work?

Level Rewards has easy to complete levels, each worth $5 per referral and many deals are worth multiple level completions. The incentive for leveling up is that you can not get paid for levels your referrals complete beyond your level until you level up. Every 1.00 credit elevates you to the next level, and partial credits are added up. So if you complete a deal worth 1.25 credits, you will be at level 1. If you complete another deal for 0.75 credits, you will have 2.00 credits total and be at level 2.

If you want to avoid having to do the math, you can click the Add Up Deals checkbox on the deals page and click on the deals you want to potentially complete and the system will show you how many credits and levels those deals will add up to when completed.

As an example, if you sign up, complete deals and get to level 5, it will enable you to earn up to $25 per referral. So if you sign someone up and they get to level 1, you’ll earn $5. If you sign up a different member and they get to level 3, you will make $15. If that person comes back and completes two more levels, you will earn additional $10. If they then go to level 10 and you are still at level 5, you can not get paid out for the levels that they completed above your level, until you raise your level.

In reality, a person who gets to level 10 (who can earn up to $50 per referral) will have some members who get to level 5, others who get to level 1, others who get to level 10, etc. Increasing your level raises your income potential, but how much you earn per referral will vary. Typically, the more you help your sign-ups and the better relationship you build with them, the more levels they will complete and the more you will earn.

Level Rewards


1) Level Rewards is free to join, relatively simple, doesn’t cost you anything except if you sign up to the offers, and even a lot of them are free.

2) Every review I read all said they got paid fast so there’s no waiting on making money. You get a sign-up, they level up you get paid per your level and how high they level up. Then you can request a PayPal payment whenever you want.

3) I could see making an easy $100.00 a day on this program. I have seen reviews to where they were saying you can’t quit your day job on this program, but it is good extra money. If I can make $100 dollars a day just promoting this site, that’s a lot more than I made as an assistant manager at a Dollar Tree. Would I quit a job to do this program? NO. However, it would still be more than I made working part-time minimum wage, and would gladly make $100.00 a day promoting this program.

4) Promoting this program would seem like an easy task. For one, it is free to join and very simple to join. Free and simple are always good things when someone needs quick cash. I know I’m not the only one out there needing quick cash.

5) If you have your own blog website, it is easy to review or promote. Keywords are awesome right now. I couldn’t believe how many keywords are available to have a high chance of getting ranked on the front page. You can see below, I took a screenshot of my Jaaxy program.

Jaaxy keywords search

So, even if you don’t get money promoting this program, just think of the traffic you get if you use these keywords to your site. (That’s my lesson to you for today)

If you don’t have your own blog or website, and you want one. Go check out my latest post on Wealthy Affiliate.

6) No one makes money unless they level up. That may sound like a bad thing if you want to make money without leveling up, but it encourages your referrals to level up. It is self motivating, you don’t make money unless you do this simple task, and it is really simple.


1) If you have done Swagbucks or similar programs in the past. It may be hard for you to find an offer you haven’t already done in the past. This is has been one of my problems.

2) It took awhile for me to get my credit, so I had to wait to make this post. But, it did credit. The only thing I signed up for, I may have already signed up in the past for something else. So, I can not be a good judge of that.

3) If you sign up for a trial offer, make sure to cancel the trial before your time is up or you will be charged. Unless, of course you want to keep what you signed up for and that’s cool too. That isn’t just with this program that is for any program that you sign up for trial orders to make cash or rebates.

4) Their affiliate links they provide aren’t the best, but they do the job.

Who can I sign up?

You can sign up any person in an eligible country who is not a member of your household. Only one member can sign up per household, and only one person can complete deals per IP address. Eligible countries are U.S, Canada, Australia and the UK. They do not accept members from other countries because there are not enough decent trial deals available in other countries to make it worthwhile. Members must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate and obtain free items. Persons 16 and 17 years may be able to join if they have parental permission to do so, although they may not be able to complete specific deals. Your country, state, and local laws take precedence over their stated age allowance.


I believe this is a good program to make some extra cash with. It is also a good program to promote on a page to draw more traffic in. As soon as I get my first member to level up, and I get paid I will post an update on this program. You can sign up, by clicking Click Here below.

Click Here – to sign up to Level Rewards

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Sara Storey


  1. Thank you for your article. I am very interested in making money online so it is always a concern that you may get sucked into a scam. Your post comes across that you are very positive about it. 

    I would like to point out that I was a little confused about what the program you were writing about did. It may seem obvious, but you can’t assume that people immediately get it especially if they are new to online marketing.

    As I read on I can see its a bit like a networking marketing approach, combined with affiliates, am i right?

    Overall an interesting article, however it didn’t compel me to sign up. 

    • Thank you for your comment, I will look over my post again. I thought I made it clear the program ask you to sign up and try out offers from major companies. Each time you do that you earn credits to level up. Then you just promote your link or share with other people interested in making cash. When someone signs up and levels up, you get paid according to your level and how much the leveled. For instance, right now I’m level one, someone sign ups and goes in do an offer and makes it to level one, I get paid $5.00. 

      Thanks for your comment


  2. This sounds like a very smart, legitimate version of a pyramid scheme. They collect a pile of programs that pay affiliates to sign people up, then they pay you part of the amount they make, and get you to do all the work. They get paid for finding all of the programs, you get paid for finding all the people. Sounds very much like a win-win situation.

    I think it would take a bit of work (like anything worth doing), but in the end, if you get a part time paycheque from a bit of work you did, where’s the harm?

    Thanks for this review. It’s very enlightening.

    • Thank you Tyler,

      It is only on one level, so definitely not a pyramid. But, it is for sure legit, and it pays much better than what some of the other programs offer for clicking all day. With no wait period to get your money that is for sure a win-win. At least for me anyway.


  3. Hi Sara, I was looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra money when I came across your site.   I have never looked into a program like this one or Swag bucks before.    I don’t know if I’m really tired right now, or I just missed your answer while reading.  So, I apologize if I’m asking something you already answered.   

    Do you get paid for based on the number of offers and trails you sign up for?  

    Or, do you only get paid for recruiting people that will also participate in signing up for offers?  

    I did get that you don’t get paid for signups if you have not “leveled up.”    I would love to be able to make a $100 each day.   Thanks for sharing a different way of making a little extra money.    

    • You do not get paid for the ones you signup to. You get paid more if you are a higher level if your sign up levels up higher. If you are level 2 and your signup goes to level 5, then you will only get paid for them going to level 2. Which would be $10.00. If you were level 5 then you would have gotten paid $25.00. You get paid $5.00 per level they upgrade as long as you are at the level or higher.  

      With me being level one right now, which I plan on leveling up more than that shortly. I get $5.00 for each member that signs up and makes to level 1 or higher. I figure 20 people a day even at $5.00 each should be an easy $100.00

      Thanks for your question, hope I didn’t confuse you even more,


  4. Nice review of an interesting money making platform. It’s similar to a survey site like Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars, except it also rewards you like an affiliate marketing program? Nifty! That said, while it sounds MUCH better than just a survey site (which I find tedious and not worth it mostly), I may have to skip it. I’ve had my email address sold way too much from some of the shadier survey sites that encourage offer sign ups. I know I could be preemptive and just create a junk email, but it also scared me because some offers require a credit card to sign up for free trials. I’d be really limited to companies I trust. Though it definitely sounds like a great way to earn extra cash. Maybe a prepaid card so I can stop being paranoid. 🙂

    Excellent review!

    • Thank you for your compliment. There are no surveys to do on this program, just offers like the one I had pictured from an actual screenshot of my account. Some of the companies are Walmart, Credit Sesame, Hulu, and more. I understand how you feel about it though. 

  5. Have you actually received any pay outs from Level Rewards yet? I ask because I joined a similar site recently only for it to be a scam. I like the idea of a free sign up and that there are some big names associated with this site such as Walmart. Like you say there is plenty of traffic available if you did want to promote it. Be interesting to see how it goes for you. 

    • Thank you Martin,

      No, because I’m just now promoting it, and need a sign up first. Then they will need to level up, but I did do my homework and from what I’m seeing people are getting paid. I need my guinea pig first, like I said in my post when I receive it or when it looks like I should have received it I will make an update on this post. 

      Thank you for your comment


  6. Whenever I read reviews of so called easy ways to make a buck, I get skeptical. And so it was for this scheme 

    However, you presented this program in a neutral and logical manner using your own experience with it. I was amazed that money can be made here. In your opinion, how much time would you need to spend to reach that acceptable $100 a day?

    I like how you waited till you leveled up to write this comments request. I am still not very clear what is necessary to level up. From your explanation it seems that you need to sign one person up to level up. But I am not really sure until I dig in deeper. You also made a wonderful alternative use of this program using keywords to drive traffic to your website. Very novel. I was amazed at how good the keywords for this program are. I wonder how much longer they will remain that way.

    Your conclusion that this is not a scam and is legit has got me very interested. When big companies like Walmart use it to promote their own products it gives a warm feeling that this is indeed real. I am going to bookmark this page for future reference. Who knows, I may sign up sometime too. Before I do I truly wish to know how much time is reasonable necessary to put in to earn that $100 a day. Can you answer that for me please? Thanks! 

    • Hi Edwin,

      You level up by signing up to the free offers they have on their page, as you can see some of them in the picture on the post like Hulu for example. Each offer has a credit assigned to them. One credit equals one level to level up. It is possible to get to the first level without even doing a trial offer if you wanted to go to the route of the lesser credits. I got one credit within 24 hours after signing up for the Nielsen offer (which didn’t cost a dime).

      If I stay at level one (which I won’t, but if I did), I would need 20 people to sign up under me, each going to just level one every day to make that $100.00 a day. but if i leveled to 2 and they leveled to 2 then I would only need 10 people to do that a day. I don’t see that as a hard thing to do while I’m building this blog using Wealthy Affiliate, as they teach how to get traffic. Of course the higher the levels myself is, and my signups get to then the less people I would need to refer to get to that point.

      Unfortunately, for me I have signed up to a lot of these offers prior on other websites I have done to make money on like Swagbucks. For someone who has never signed up to these offers they have a way better opportunity to level up quicker.

      Hope that helps answer your questions,


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