Wealthy Affiliate Updates for April 20 – April 30th Celebrating 2 Months!

Today, makes it officially two months being an upgraded member of Wealthy Affiliate. My apologies for being a little late on my diary entry. There has been a lot going on in the background. I even have a surprise for all of you in the future, but that is in the future. Dates and situations are to be determined, but there are some fancy plans ahead. You will just have to keep checking back for all the updates.

Where I Am in My Intense Training

After this post, I only have 7 more post to go for this month’s assignment. Don’t worry, I will still make post to you often. If, you have no idea what I am talking about with my training, you can go back to my last diary entry here to see a picture of it. Diary Entry for April 13-19.

Announcing a New Page

In case you missed it, when you came to check out this post. There’s a brand new page located at the top main menu. This page includes programs and websites that I am a member on and used to promote or that I promote here on Financially Blissed Mind. All the programs listed on this page are free to join. As I state on the page, these are great to earn extra income, get traffic, or to give you something to review if you are having writer’s block on your own blog. You can click the picture below to go check it out now.

Posts I’ve Made on Financially Blissed Mind and Blissed Mind

Here on Financially Blissed Mind I have only made one post since my last diary entry. My goal is to have two post a week, but I have been busy getting things set up in the background. Will do better, I promise.

Level Rewards Review

On BlissedMind, I did a bit better and made two posts per my goal. They are fascinating articles, if I say so myself. I encourage you to check them out.

Review of Matrix of Reality – Free Ebook For Reading This Post

What are the Levels Of Reality?

Upgraded My Membership on LeadsLeap

This was probably the smartest thing, I have done in a while. LeadsLeap is a great source for bringing traffic to your website. You can join for free and get awesome traffic by putting a widget like to the right here on your website, and by visiting sites on their main page.

I chose to upgrade for several reasons. I did not want to be clicking for hours, and I wanted in on better commissions, spillover members, and down-line members for their program. If, you have a website, or thinking about starting one I highly recommend you check them out



Happy Anniversary To Me

As I said earlier, today is my 2 Month Anniversary. If, you want to see what can be done in just two months time. Go check out Blissed Mind and look all over this site. Financially Blissed Mind is just a little under a month old. I can’t believe it has been two months already, at the same time I can not believe how well it all has gone.

I would love to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and comment on my post. You all are the best. Until next time, be Blissfully Blessed.

Oh, I think you can probably do better than I have. If, you are up for the challenge. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the banner below and give it a shot. Be sure to contact me when you do, and let me know your progress (not to mention has your sponsor, I’ll be thrilled to help in any way I can).

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