Wealthy Affiliate Updates for April 7 – 12

Wow, I can not believe It has been 6 days already since I made my last post to the diary. Only can mean one thing. I have been busy. LOL. So let us catch you up shall we? I know you want to hear all about what I’ve been doing. Okay lets jump right in then. Oh, warning! I am also working another assignment with this post. Yeah! Really! I’m using you again to do my “school” lesson! I believe I have mentioned that was invited to do more training to put my business in full speed ahead, but if I haven’t said so before then I am now.

As you can see by the picture below, these are my assignments for this month on my extra training. Those checked marked are things I have done since I started building this particular site just a little over a week ago. What is circled is what I’m working on right now as I’m writing to you. Only about 1300 more words to go, so hang with me.

1500 Word Review for Wealthy Affiliate

I don’t know how much of a review this is since obviously, I love Wealthy Affiliate. Without this program, I would have had no idea how to properly create either website. This one or BlissedMind. So what else can I say at this point other than. If you want to learn or make better an online business then you should try out Wealthy Affiliate for free. I know I have mentioned this a few times, but it is totally free to sign up to and you don’t even need a credit card to get your feet wet. I do not know of many programs like this one where they offer a free trial which you don’t have to enter a credit card, only to have to figure out how to cancel if you don’t like it or can’t afford it. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can join totally free no strings attached.

So, my 1500 words to tell you how awesome this program is will be showing you more of what I have been up to. You can see how Wealthy Affiliate is shaping these two sites.

Posts I Have Made on Financially Blissed Mind and Blissed Mind

Since my last diary entry I have made a few more posts:

Why You Should Look Into Affiliate Marketing For CBD Oil

Exciting News For Blissed Mind

What is the Meaning of Grace?

Do You Have Repetitive Cycles or Blocks?

What Are Essential Oils and What Are They Used For?

I told you I have been busy didn’t I? All of these post between the last two sites have been written, posted, shared on social media and Indexed (except the last one I entered it today into Google Search Console it should be indexed tonight or tomorrow).

Where Have I Shared Them?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to use social media to get you traffic. I have more lessons ahead of me on how to use Pinterest better and eventually will be making my own videos, but for now my focus has been Facebook. I have created and set up my accounts on Twitter and Pinterest though. Here are the links to find us in social media:




First Week Ranking on Google Search

One of the most exciting events that happened this week especially It the first week we’ve been existing is our ranking already on Google. Here I use a low hanging fruit keyword which is also our website name, and we already have a presence on Google. Some of the ones listed are Blissed Mind as well, but as you can see FinanciallyBlissedMind.com is number one ranking under the keywords Financially Blissed Mind.

You Aren’t Bored Yet Are You?

I sure hope I haven’t bored you yet because I have 850 more words to go, and there’s so much more exciting stuff to tell you. Wait! Are you wondering how I know how many more words I have left to go?

It tells me as I am making the post, right on Wealthy Affiliate’s website. Yes, that is the screen shot of what I’m working on right now. So, it is very current!

Other Milestones This Week

Just last night, I held my breath and I gave Blissed Mind a face lift. I really liked the template better on this site than I did the one I was using on Blissed Mind. Nervously worried I would totally have a big mess on my hands. I downloaded one of the free templates you get for being a member of Affiliate Marketing and installed it on Blissed Mind. I have never done such a thing before, and I admit I was scared. But, I backed up my site (which I had learned how to do by a previous lesson) and I created a text file for my meta links in my header of the template (so Google, Bing, and others can still find me). Then I activated the new template.

Then, I opened my eyes to see what damaged I had done. To my surprise, only a few pictures were a little off (but I can live with). Everything worked great, and now it just looks so much neater and more organized. I was so proud of myself I made a post within Wealthy Affiliate to tell everyone. By clicking on the picture below, you can go and read my post in the site, if you like.

That’s Right There is More to Add

You see up above there it says Live Chat. The first 7 days of your free trial you have access to that live chat. That’s where you can go and chat with other members of Wealthy Affiliate. Anytime, you have questions or run into a problem or you just want to sit and watch other people’s questions you can 24 hours a day 7 days a week, there usually someone there. We have member all over the world. If you sign up you may even see me there, as for my assignment I’m supposed to be on there for at least 15 minutes a day this month.

After your 7 day free trial, you do need to upgrade to keep the live chat feature which of course I highly recommend. Not just for the chat but for also much more referral income you get when you upgrade. It is substantial. Another reason to upgrade within your first 7 days the first month is only $19.00. This is one of the most affordable ways to get your business off the ground.

There is so much communication on Wealthy Affiliate. In addition to the live chat you can follow and they can follow you anyone in the program. Did I mention there’re thousands of members. I believe the actual number is somewhere around 1.4 million user if my memory serves me right. For sure though, there are thousands that are currently active and we are a help each other system. A mini world of people just like you sharing information and helping each other.

You also can put your web pages in your profile, and all of those members have access to seeing your site. Which really helps with getting traffic.

Does it Sound Like a Lot of Work?

Of course, it sounds like a lot of work, it is. Any legitimate business is going to be work. All the get-rich-quick schemes out there are just that a scheme or a scam. At least the ones that I have seen. If you want a real business of your own, then you will have to invest money (very little in this case), time, and effort.

Will you make money right away? Well, it is possible if you have friends and family or a network already that you can offer Wealthy Affiliate to, but you may not make anything in the first 3 months. Yes, that’s right I’m going to be completely honest with you, just like the leaders of Wealthy Affiliate were honest with me. You can work you fingers off and still not make a dime for 3 months, but if you stick to it and keep going and do what their training tells you to do, you can make a nice income in a few months and possibly quit your day job within a year. Everyone’s needs are different. People have varying amounts they need to make each week, month, or year but this is a business you build that could last you for the rest of your life and with awesome residual income. You just have to dedicate your time and follow the training.

If you would love to be your own boss, work in your robe like I do. Help other people while helping yourself Wealthy Affiliate is the network to sign up with. I’ve been at it since March 1st and look at me now. I have two websites that are coming together and have already been ranked! I also just reached 1500 words easily talking to you about something I am passionate about. It was easy like that.

Until, my next update. Be Blissfully Blessed!

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Sara Storey


  1. That’s what I like with Wealthy Affiliate—the culture of honesty among its members. You and the leaders of WA, they are all honest. A proof of your honesty? This blog of yours. This diary of yours. 

    If you ask the leaders what it takes to earn money with the platform, I bet they will honestly tell you that it may take some work and some months of waiting before a tangible reward could be realized. And that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme where you are promised to become millionaire by just joining the site. In WA, what really works in online business world, they are being taught to members, no hype and no lies. 

    • Hi Gomer,

      That was why I signed up to them to begin with as well, because one of the first things I saw was if you are willing to work hard then this program is for you. Right off the bat, they don’t promise you the moon. Thank you for your very kind words, and I wish you much success and blissfulness


  2. Looks to me like you are learning your lessons well.  Your Wealthy Affiliate review is fresh and unique, not cookie-cutter like a lot of reveiws are.  I’m a wealthy affiliate member myself and am attending “university” like you are.  Keep writing, and you will be successful.  And, also like you, I changed themes a couple of times before finding one I liked for both of my websites.  Best of luck with your training!


    • Thank You Grant,

      I am putting my all into my lessons and the sites. Thank you for your lovely compliment. It is sometimes hard to settle for what “is perfect”. It is a lot like when I used to write lyrics and worked with co-writers. We had to get to a point of saying good enough for now, because if you don’t you will try to perfect it forever and it won’t go anywhere.

      To much success!


  3. You’re right about Wealthy Affiliate, I love it too! I didn’t realize I needed their help until I joined! I have learned so much in one place it’s amazing! And the help is awesome, like you said. Support emails back right away, tons of lessons, and chat is helpful too! I’m here to stay!

    • Thank you Buffy,

      Wealthy Affiliate does feel home, doesn’t it? The entire community has been everything helpful. There’s a positive vibe there has well that is hard to describe. Like it is a magnet that draws in all the wonderful people out there that are wiling to give their help as they learn themselves. Truly is a Utopia.

  4. Great progress! Congrats on having a presence on Google result page for your post ‘low hanging fruit keyword’. I believe in what you said about keep working hard even though the first three months might not show any result. I am also working on getting more blogs posted. The challenge I used to have is getting a longer word count as well. But now I learn to provide longer content and also keeping the quality high at the same time. It is great hearing from someone who is also working hard at the same time. I look forward to more updates from you. Cheers!

    • Thank you Jayden,

      My gratitude for those awesome words of kindness, I had a lot of writing this Diary Entry and the Low Hanging Fruit keyword. I need to do that more be a bit comical. I think the readers would like that. Look forward too seeing you back.



  5. I actually giggled several times while reading your post.  Periodic updates on how many words are left are really creative.

    I’m in the same program you are, and I don’t have nearly as many check marks.  So I better get busy.  But I agree 100% that Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible platform to learn this business and also an incredible value for the money.

    Congrats on getting started so early in life.  I was 66 when I started, and I’m learning multiple new things every day. 

    • Hi Steve

      LOL I am thrilled it made you giggled. It’s fun when I get incorporate some humor into my post. Makes me happy someone caught that. Thank your great compliments, especially saying early in my life 🙂  Well, I know you will get those new things easily. How do I know that because you pay detail and you also “listened” when you were reading the post.

      There’s even more check marks on my last entry. I do have the benefit of typing really fast so that helps.

      I would be clueless if it weren’t for Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again

      Be Blissfully Blessed


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