Wealthy Affiliate Updates for May 1st – May 29th- 3 Months!

Wow, has it really been a month since I posted a diary entry for my experience with Wealthy Affiliate and my two sites? Lots of changes I have made on these sites that we will go over today as I am celebrating my 3 months with Wealthy Affiliate. So, shall I catch you all up?

Brand New Clickbank Stores on Both Sites!

You can check out Blissed Mind’s CB Store by going up to the menu in Blissed Mind, just like illustrated below or click on the picture.

We also added 4 different Click Bank Sites to this page, I won’t embed each link in this post but you can check them out above, and where to find them in this picture. When you hover over “Financially Blissed Mind’s CB Affiliate Store” in the top menu, it will give you a drop down menu to use. It is there you can access all four stores available. If you would like your own store for your website, click on one of the main stores. There is a link on the stores for people interested in setting up their own ClickBank store.

FBM's Click Bank Stores

Posts Made On Both Sites

Here I was a little lacking as I was focusing on promoting these pages and several programs I am involved in to make some extra cash, however the ones I posted were much longer and more intense than usual. If you haven’t read the post yet please do.

On Blissed Mind, I made this post about someone who is transforming life:

Join the Love Revolution – Who Is Matt Kahn?

On Financially Blissed Mind, I have done two really significant posts. The first one is an introduction to CashJuice which has really introduced me to some fantastic people and allow me to share these websites to them. I highly recommend you reading that posts and join me on CashJuice so you may advertise your sites or whatever you are doing. If you are involved with Wealthy Affiliate already GREAT, there’s already Wealthy Affiliate members there including myself. The more the merrier, you can share your affiliate links there or your websites. Everyone will look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

Cash Juice Review -updated

My most recent post is the big one. It is my Ultimate Money Making Plan using Wealthy Affiliate and Virtual Downline Builder together to create a money generating machine for both immediate money and a residual income. That post will be updated regularly as it is a living document, and changes will be made as needed as I test my own plan out. So far it is going great! From midnight last night until right now (3:48 PM Eastern Time) we have had 107 visitors to Financially Blissed Mind, 85 of which are new visitors, and 136 page views. This is only the beginning has I just started really promoting that blog post yesterday.

Financially Blissed Mind Presents The Ultimate Money Making Plan

Now For The Training Update

We are in the second month for the Super Affiliate Challenge Training Program. We just started the second month a few days ago. SAC lessons

This is where I am on my Affiliate Bootcamp training. I have slowed down a little on that one, but I think I’m still ahead of schedule 🙂 So, I am content with it. Of course, we can do things at our own pace with the Affiliate Bootcamp and the Entrepreneur Training, but I have my own goals and schedule in my head. I am hard on myself. I’ve also embedded a link in the picture below to the course homepage if you would like to check it out.


On my Online Entrepreneur Certification, I am proudly almost done with that one. It would actually probably only take me a week or less to finish it (probably less), if I wasn’t doing multiple things at the same time. Our program is really only designed for you to do one training at a time, but that isn’t my character, so I have jumped the gun a bit. I will also put a link in this picture as well so you see what our training is like for that program as well.

What Is To Come Next at Financially Blissed Mind?

I am hoping to get to posting a bit more often than I did this month. My plans are to go over different ways of doing Affiliate Marketing, explaining what Downline Builders are, different methods of advertising and break those down, add more free programs to join, frequent updates to the Ultimate Plan, and much more. There are new things, I’m constantly discovering and learning as we go as well. So, keep coming back and continue this learning journey with me, and make some money on the way.

Whew! To Sum It All Up

It has been a very busy month for Financially Blissed Mind, although sometimes it may not look like it on the surface. We are constantly looking for ways of improving, generating income to keep the sites going, and now working hard at accelerating new visitors to our site. If you are one of those new members, I would love to welcome you to our websites and invite you to visit our sister site Blissed Mind.

You as well, can start your own website of your own. Your dreams and passions can be at your fingertips. Join me today at Wealthy Affiliate and become a Super Affiliate yourself. I will be happy to work with you and help you as much as possible, there is also help online 24/7 to help you build the website of your dreams and produce a residual income that will last many years to come. Just click on the banner below to sign up for a free trial and find out what all Wealthy Affiliate as to offer. Until next time, may you be blissfully blessed and abundant in everything that you do.

Super Affiliate

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